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So this is short but still worth reading. It comes across as very real and really focuses on the anticipation and tension aspects rather than actual sessions, but since this is the start of a journey that’s to be expected. Can’t wait to see what these two get up to next!


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A fantastic introduction to Jenny and Elliot beginning their journey into a budding sub/Domme relationship. It is a short story that leaves the reader eager to see where their relationship will develop and what will happen next


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Jenny & Elliott excerpts

The following passages are taken from the Jenny & Elliott series. In book one Jenny explains her dominant desires and they begin to explore. In book two Jenny locks Elliott in chastity. In book three their play gets even kinkier and they pay their first visit to a fetish club.

Showing Him Who’s Boss

Elliott settled down in the armchair with the machine on his lap and waited for the screen to come to life.  It had been a so long since he used it that it took him a while to locate the browser.  As soon as he opened up the window into world wide web, he saw a familiar logo in the top left had corner of the screen.  Elliott was a red-blooded male and like most of his peers he was familiar with the artistic delights of Red Tube.  He involuntary spun his head around to check nobody was looking, a learned behaviour born from the desire not to get caught jacking off watching porn.  Once he established Jenny was a long way from home and not due back any time soon, he settled again.  He was sure he had deleted the history last time he used the Mac but checked just in case it was he who had left this trail open for discovery.

Seconds passed and Elliott soon became aware these were not his views on the screen.  His tastes were straight forward; amateur videos set in suburbia.  He loved the authenticity of real couples being audacious enough to firstly film their bedroom antics and then share them with literally the whole world.  Elliott had harboured a desire to try something like this himself but never quite knew how to address it in a relationship.  These links were not to amateur porn but to countless videos of svelte women adorned in all manner of shiny black clothing and men either bound or restricted in positions Elliott did not image possible.  Titles such as two mistresses dominate slaveboy and sorry husband regrets his insolence were listed in the browser history.  Elliott could not figure out how they had ended up here.  He delved into the settings and discovered that they had all been viewed the previous day between 7:00pm and 8:00pm.  He then slowly put the pieces together in his head and wondered exactly what it might be that he had stumbled across.  7:00-8:00 was Elliott’s weekly game of indoor football followed by beers with the lads.  His wife Jenny never complained about him going out, even when it became apparent it was more about the pints afterwards than the game of football.

Elliott was beginning to realise that Jenny was not just catching up on her TV viewing whilst he was out of the house.

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Casey Durham


Hi, and welcome to my website.  Thanks for stopping by.

I’m Casey and this is where I’m promoting my erotica.  I’ve been writing for years and decided that I would publish some of my new work.

My first three books are the Jenny & Elliott series, charting the kinky journey of discovery of a married couple as they explore Jenny’s dominant side and Elliott’s growing submissive side.

I hope you like reading them as much as I enjoyed writing them.


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